Military Relocation to Western Washington


McChord AFB & Fort Lewis Army Post
Also in Kitsap County --  Bremerton | Bangor| Keyport |
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS & IMF) | Naval Hospital Bremerton |  Camp Murray |


New Visions Realty LLC is the place on the Internet where you will find local real estate Relocation Information about moving to and Buying Homes  in Pierce, Kitsap Counties and on the Kitsap Peninsula. Here you can search for homes in Tacoma, Lakewood, and Gig Harbor. Also cities of Bremerton, Silverdale, and Poulsbo. Port Orchard and any other area that is located close to Naval Base Kitsap hassle free.   

New Vision Realty LLC is proud to support the men and women who serve in our military.  Therefore, they are dedicated to assisting military families with their relocation needs.  New Visions Realty LLC has put together this great military relocation package that has been designed to address the unique situation a military family finds themselves in when relocating to a new area and go over the Buying  Process if this is their 1st home purchase.



Military Benefits Package



New Visions Realty LLC has the best Military Relocation Program available in the Western Puget Sound region!

The benefits of buying or selling a home with New Visions Realty LLC. have just been made better!

Call 800-710-2507  or (360) 876 4741to talk to New Visons Realty Real Estate  or email  about all the details!

This is just New Visions Realty LLC way of saying "thank you" to our men and women who so proudly serve our great nation.

For buyers, this includes:

* Free 1st Time Buyer Information

* Free personalized Welcome packet

* Free loan pre-qualification

* Mortgage discounts w/Preferred Lender

* Discounts to local activities

* Free meal after move-in
* Discount certificates for future real estate transactions

AND the best benefit of all...

       * 1/2% of purchase price Cash Rebate After Closing
This puts money back into YOUR pocket!


Our Cash Rebate After Closing benefit provides cash to purchase those "extras" needed to furnish a house to make it a home.  On a $200,000 purchase, the Cash Rebate After Closing benefit would be $1,000!!!


For Military Sellers:

*Our Cash Rebate After Closing applies to sellers as well!  Sellers can be rebated 1/2% of the sales price after closing. 

*On a $200,000 sale, the Cash Rebate After Closing benefit would be $1,000.  This is money you could use to help move you to your next destination!
For Military Renters:

* Free Real Estate  assistance to show home rentals listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

* Certificate to claim New Visions Realty LLC s Military Benefit
for a future purchase of a home through New Visions Realty LLC.


Please fill out the Relocation Contact Form below to get more information about

New Visions Realty LLC  Relocation Program and the Military Benefit Package.

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